When most people think of a website, they don't see it the same way a business does. They don't see it as a business asset, meant to generate leads and drive users down to your product or service, with the ultimate goal of making a sale. They see it as a place for information, that facilitates that sale. The great truth about websites is no matter what industry, no matter if you're part of a business or a single person with a website working from home, your website can, and shoul...
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Picture it: you're coming home from a long day of work or school and you're ready to kick back, relax, and pwn noobs on your game console. You sit down, grab your controller and start up your console, only to be greeted with a black screen and a "No signal... TV going to sleep" message. There's nothing worse than starting your presumably working console, only to see that something is off, and there's more work ahead of you today. The unfortunate truth of the matter ...
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Corsair VOID Headset: An Armor Review


Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
RGB Dynamic Multicolor Lighting
Microfiber/Memory Foam headband and ear cups
Fully adjustable headband
Noise-Cancelling Microphone
USB Connection Interface

A few months ago, the development team at Armor decided to implement softphones through their computers to make their work lives just a little bit easier. While the developers sat there with their fancy headsets on day after day, ...
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Epic Games: The Beginning

Epic Games has been around since the early '90s, where they started as Potomac Computer Systems. After publishing his first game ZZT, the CEO Tim Sweeney changed the name of the company to Epic MegaGames, and that's where the story really began. Based in Cary, North Carolina, Epic Games (Epic) has been pivotal in the gaming space, and whether you are aware of it or not has changed the way the idea of gaming is portrayed today.

The Unreal Engine: Epic Games...
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Techxersice, Keep your kid moving.

Too often, I see my kids playing video games. Then their behavior gets a little out of control, so then we end up implementing a TECH STRIKE! No video games, no television, no tablet; just blocks, art, and books. It works well; however, there seems to be a pattern. Once they get back their tech it's just more getting in trouble again. So, is my virtual babysitter not working? Yes, at least not to the extent it needs to be. The solution w...
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One of the more ridiculous aspects of technology is just how quickly a piece of tech can become outdated. There's an old joke among hardware enthusiasts that by the time you can afford the best hardware available, it's already been usurped by something better and more expensive.

Speaking of which, you think my new rig will run Crysis?

But as networked electronics begin to work their way into all aspects of our lives, this doesn't have to be the case. While your old Windows ...
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Chicago-based Orbitz was in the news this month for a data breach. The consensus seems to be that the breach took place sometime between October 2016 and December 2017. If you're wondering how a company that builds itself on successfully looking at logistics data to get travelers the best deals can only offer a very broad window of when the breach was likely to happen, unfortunately, this is actually a pretty common thing. Intrusion detection and logging systems are an area where the IT secu...
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AI + EYES = ♡
Google’s New AI Can Predict Heart Disease just by Looking at You





What’s that old proverb, “eyes are the window to the soul?” Well, they aren’t; however, Google has turned them into a window to cardiac health. Scientists from Google and its health-tech subsidiary Verily have discovered a new way to assess a person’s risk of heart disease using machine learning. By ana...
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In today's world, batteries are the unsung hero. We often overlook these bricks of inconvenience. With their large size and seemingly limited function, most people often don't bother to learn more about them and just go with the assumption that batteries are the way they are and we can't do anything to change that. As technology grows, more electricity is required to run them. One thing we need to find out is, do we really know what goes on behind the curtains of technological a...
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The Selection of Browsers

At this point in the Internet's lifespan, most (if not all) of us are aware of at least a few different browsers used to navigate the web. All of the big names in technology have one: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (and Internet Explorer), Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari for macOS. Each of these browsers has basically the same functionality, so what goes into choosing the browser that works best for you? This question comes down to several factors, which w...
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