Have You Met the A-Team?

Have you met some of the A-Team?  Between Rochelle, DeKalb and Geneva there are several Technicians, Designers, Programmers, and the Support Staff that manages and keeps the shop going day to day.  Get to know Toni and Linda.  They take good care of following through with the customers to make sure their Computers and Mobile Devices are getting in, fixed and returned into their hands as soon as possible.  Matt, Kyle, Andy, Adam, and Dakota are getting your computers, phones, ...

Does your I.T. infra-structure need help expanding?

We have a small army of technicians, designers, writers, engineers, marketing strategists and I.T. specialists ready to manage your web presence. Armor Technologies is ready to work for you. Armor is saving you money in I.T. costs while increasing the efficiency of your business and bringing in new customers with our Internet Marketing campaigns.
We can help increase your network by maintaining your computers and introducing new software to help optimize your business. Armor can maintain contin...

Creating a High-Tech Home Office for Your Ecommerce Business

Starting an e-commerce business takes drive, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. But these qualities can only get you so far. You need a workspace that’s optimized for productivity, with tech that meets your demands and helps you efficiently serve your customers.

A focus on productivity is especially important if you’re setting up shop in your living space, where it’s hard to draw the lines between personal and business-related tasks. Here are some efficient tips from...

Home Automation and the Apps That Make It Possible

Home Automation and the Apps That Make It Possible

By Stephanie Sylvester

How smart is your home? At ArmorTechs we believe in building or remodeling to achieve a home with great efficiency so that homeowners can save money, feel secure in their homes, and enjoy all of the comfort and convenience that modern technology offers. Here are some of the best home automation app combinations available.


One day last month, I was playing at the park with my daughter when I realized that m...

Process Improvement with 5s and Armor

A successful business can still be unprofitable. When a company has implemented and institutionalized a system of waste as part of its business model, then external productivity may not be enough to keep it growing. 5S is a commonly used tool for organizing workplaces, improving efficiency and productivity, originally developed in Japan, 5S has been a tool for remolding businesses for years. The system was designed to ensure that a company’s internal organization, cleanliness, and workflow...

Open in Rochelle

Armor Technologies is now also open in Rochelle Illinois to continue to offer I.T. Repair solutions for the area. We are fixing PC, MAC, Server, Laptop, and Desktop Computers, Cell Phones, Game Consoles, and some general electronics. We also offer Web and Graphic Design Services with hosting.

Armor Technologies is moving its servers into its Rochelle location to take advantage of the RMU´s fiber connection. We are the only web designers in the area that manage their own servers locally....


Sign up for Armor Deals by texting ARMOR to 36000. We will be putting out coupons for deals on repair and on parts and cables. Next week we will be putting out an Armor Deal for $12.00, 10ft HDMI Cables!!!! Sign up now!!!

New products in store and online!

Armor Technologies has recently expanded the number of products we have available to our customers!

In store:

We have more products available in the store and have also added an online shopping cart! Some of the products we have available to you in the store: laptop coolers, RAM, Asus DVD drives, Acer 22in and 24in LCD monitors, Linksys wireless N routers, computer cases, power supplies, keyboards, flash drives, webcams, hard drives and more. We also try to have technician certified refurb...

New Name, same Techs, tougher I.T. Service

Snare Systems, over the years, has developed into a wide range of IT solutions for business and home users. Therefore, we have grown into Armor Technologies. We have two main divisions of our company. The first is the Tech & Repair Shop side of Armor. Here in DeKalb and Rochelle we fix computers, cell phones, game consoles, networks, build servers, perform onsite repairs and businesses and house calls for people at home. The second part of our company, Marketing and Design, designs and devel...

Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug is an exploit, on servers, that can be used to get random chunks of data to return from a server.  Most servers have all passwords encrypted, such as banks, social network sites, web hosting companies, and a wide range of security companies.  The odds that the small amount of hackers that used this exploit were able to get your information are as good as you winning the lottery. 

Here at Armor Technologies, we are responsible for Secure Hosting System, the we...