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Keep I.T. Local

Why keep your IT local? In today’s market, we know that our customers have options. IT companies saturate the market and offer more and more for a bargain.  Foreign companies offer services at below-market rates, and, while not every experience will be a negative one, you can expect a great deal more complication. From a basic logistical standpoint, there are several issues that arise almost immediately, the immutable force of time being your first obstacle. Working from radically dif...

Go Mobile or Go Home

 Go Mobile or Go Home

The mobile user evolution has become a driving force in online commerce in recent years. Google has tried to address this trend by altering its algorithms to favor sites that are optimized for mobile responsiveness. Businesses are capitalizing on this rapidly changing landscape, and sites unable or unwilling to make these changes will be left behind.

Due to the changes in search engine algorithms, sites with a “Mobile-Friendly” designation will always...

Have You Met the A-Team?

Have you met some of the A-Team?  Between Rochelle, DeKalb and Geneva there are several Technicians, Designers, Programmers, and the Support Staff that manages and keeps the shop going day to day.  Get to know Toni and Linda.  They take good care of following through with the customers to make sure their Computers and Mobile Devices are getting in, fixed and returned into their hands as soon as possible.  Matt, Kyle, Andy, Adam, and Dakota are getting your computers, phones, ...

Armor Search Engine Optimization - How and Why?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 

A quality product speaks for itself. Your business excels in its field and you need a website that won’t sell you short. Armor websites have the quality and unique content to put you on the cutting edge of internet marketing and social media presence. Armor accomplishes this through Search Engine Optimization, a process that utilizes keywords algorithmically isolated to be associated with your business on search engines. We make sure that ...

Eat, Sleep, Mobile, Repeat

When a consumer picks up his phone, is your brand in his hand? Mobile apps have become the most immersive medium for consumer engagement. Today’s consumer is overloaded and you need a way to reach your target audience with immediacy. Mobile applications are a personal, interactive, and effective way to accomplish this task.  Mobile websites are the best way to reach a new market.

And better still, your customers already use them on a daily basis:


5G: The Future is now (kind of)!

Mobile networks constantly innovate. In the 1980s, when wireless technology began to go mainstream, the 1G analog networks supported the bulky, brick-like mobile phones from that era. The 90s saw the introduction of 2G digital networks, when Code Division Multiple Access moved mobile phones beyond voice transmission into data and text messaging. Around 2001, third generation (3G) devices appeared, first in Japan, and then in the US, offering the high-speed data transfer and Internet connection u...

8 Seconds to Failure

“Visitor’s spend an average of just eight seconds before deciding whether or not to remain on a website” so you have to ask: Is your site doing all it can for your business? The internet has reduced the time between closing a sale and losing revenue to a razor’s edge. Your website is no longer just a way to tell your clients that you have goods or services available – it’s your chance to show that your business is the right one for their needs. Smooth function...

Webistes With-out Borders

With all the changes in technology, custom software is becoming affordable for any business. Using web application software is not just for websites.   We can create an online time clock for your employees, inventory tracking systems, and more.  Even the thermostats in homes are incorporating smart technology that implements a website to control your house's temperature.  Now in business the largest driving system for any company is the one that controls and increases sal...

What is an Armor Tech?

So what is an Armor Tech? An Armor Tech is a technician that is always in training on current technology and is required to have a certain set of skills.  The list of skills is based on Problem Solving, Work Ethic, Customer Service, and Loyalty.  From those, we train Hardware and Software Trouble Shooting, Data Recovery, Soldering, Levels of Programming, Ohms Law and Electronics, Series / Parallel Circuits, and more.  We then review products that fit our clients and have our recom...

What should I.T. cost? Don’t Get Over Sold.

This question is a common problem in the computer and web arena with a number of shops to choose from.  At home you need your computers and mobile devices up to speed and at work you need your tech running at top speed and your website bringing you new business.  So here is a list of some common needs so you have a better idea of the price of I.T.

Root Kit Virus Removal (ex FBI Moneypak): $90
System Optimization and Spyware Removal: $50
Onsite I.T. Service: Between $80 and $9...

Does your I.T. infra-structure need help expanding?

We have a small army of technicians, designers, writers, engineers, marketing strategists and I.T. specialists ready to manage your web presence. Armor Technologies is ready to work for you. Armor is saving you money in I.T. costs while increasing the efficiency of your business and bringing in new customers with our Internet Marketing campaigns.
We can help increase your network by maintaining your computers and introducing new software to help optimize your business. Armor can maintain contin...

Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

The internet has opened up a lot of things to our world: Cat videos, forum trolls, and digital marketing. estimates that consumers are 75% of the way to making their decision to buy your brand BEFORE they ever visit your store or see a sales rep. Thus, it’s critical to address all their issues on your website and use influence strategies effectively throughout the site.1

Allow me to introduce you to the most misused and misunderstood word in all of sales and marketing: FU...

Creating a High-Tech Home Office for Your Ecommerce Business

Starting an e-commerce business takes drive, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. But these qualities can only get you so far. You need a workspace that’s optimized for productivity, with tech that meets your demands and helps you efficiently serve your customers.

A focus on productivity is especially important if you’re setting up shop in your living space, where it’s hard to draw the lines between personal and business-related tasks. Here are some efficient tips from...

Home Automation and the Apps That Make It Possible

Home Automation and the Apps That Make It Possible

By Stephanie Sylvester

How smart is your home? At ArmorTechs we believe in building or remodeling to achieve a home with great efficiency so that homeowners can save money, feel secure in their homes, and enjoy all of the comfort and convenience that modern technology offers. Here are some of the best home automation app combinations available.


One day last month, I was playing at the park with my daughter when I realized that m...



or The Importance of Framing

Composition is one of the most important aspects of film, and it is one of the easiest for beginners to overlook. Have you ever seen someone doing that thing where they frame a shot using their hands? It may look silly, but what they're doing is an important step in production. The framing of a shot has a subconscious effect on audience, and this can be used to elicit a specific response.

One of the key aspects of framing is the “Ru...

Creative Content Counts

If you manage a business today you’ll know that the world has changed dramatically. Advertising has become a rapidly evolving and dynamic market with only the most original and interesting content delivering a return on investment.   

In the past decade, the internet has transformed how consumers purchase. In a bygone era, if a potential customer wanted more information about your business the mere presence of advertising would be able to engage them sufficiently. Today, a cus...

Process Improvement with 5s and Armor

A successful business can still be unprofitable. When a company has implemented and institutionalized a system of waste as part of its business model, then external productivity may not be enough to keep it growing. 5S is a commonly used tool for organizing workplaces, improving efficiency and productivity, originally developed in Japan, 5S has been a tool for remolding businesses for years. The system was designed to ensure that a company’s internal organization, cleanliness, and workflow...

Technically Creative

Armor Technologies was founded 12 years ago in the City of DeKalb as Snare Systems. A repair shop in its earliest days, Armor, under its former name Snare Systems, quickly began to expand the range of the services it offered. Armor has evolved over the years with amazing adaptability to become the multi-faceted operation that it is today.

Today Armor has fused creative talent with technical expertise. Armor has moved from simple repairs to offering dozens of I.T. services. Our development tea...

Soft Business

The only constant in the business world now is the fluid nature of the change itself. Modern business practices are changing to meet the demands for better return on investment, as well as improved customers satisfaction. Technology has advanced to the point where companies are now shifting from spending their budget on pure marketing campaigns, trade shows, and one-size-fits-all interruption marketing to personalized tracking systems like customer relationship management software, ticket system...

Recommended Virus Scanner

Armor Technologies is currently recommending Avira Virus Scanner. The free version offers root-kit support. However, you will have to put up with the pop-up box to close out every other day. Their pro version of the virus scanner is less than $25. We do recommend that you buy the pro version.

Unlike the free version of AVG and Avast, which both work well, Avira is not running any data mining software. Avira uses fewer resources and keeps it heuristics up to identify virus problems.

Some mo...

Turn off that computer!

Electronics have a limited lifetime.  If you are not using your computer, turn it off.  The energy saved could save you $20 a month.  This will also decrease the possibility of data loss.  The longer your hard drive is spinning the more likely it will fail.  You could save your electronics from damage from a storm.  There are a number of good reasons to just turn it off.

A computer is a space heater.  If it's a hot summer day and you're not using the...

Internet X-plorer

Internet Explorer is the No 1 browser for downloading a new browser.  In 2003 IE had over 60% of the market.  If you ever have a question about IE check out The mighty browser has made plenty of new attempts only to fail to great browsers like FireFox and Google Chrome. 

A big part of the problem with IE is its lack of html and css standards, security permission problems, and not working in Linux.  IE9 has forced us to make h...

Refurbed computers work too!

Armor Technologies Tech and Repair Shop offers refurbished computers. Many corporations and normal computer users abandon working computers in good condition after just three or four years of use. While this equipment may be outdated for the bleeding-edge needs of an advanced user, that does not mean it does not have years of life that it can offer to fulfill general needs such as using Facebook or word processing. These system components have been examined and updated by a professional refurbis...

Game Over

Game Consoles are made to fail. We fix all of them. Some, however, are not worth fixing. We focus on the seventh generation gaming systems such as the PS3, Wii, and Xbox360. These still have a good chance to be worth it. We fix the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death. We fix the PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death. Before your system has these problems try to follow a few simple rules: 1. Keep it clean! Make sure it is not sucking dust and debris into the heat sink. It will more than likely overheat the ...

Open in Rochelle

Armor Technologies is now also open in Rochelle Illinois to continue to offer I.T. Repair solutions for the area. We are fixing PC, MAC, Server, Laptop, and Desktop Computers, Cell Phones, Game Consoles, and some general electronics. We also offer Web and Graphic Design Services with hosting.

Armor Technologies is moving its servers into its Rochelle location to take advantage of the RMU´s fiber connection. We are the only web designers in the area that manage their own servers locally....

Ubuntu, the next OS.

If you can not afford a MAC, and you are tired of fixing your windows system, then maybe it is time to try Ubuntu on your PC. Ubuntu is a Linux distributed Operating System (OS). An operating system is what makes your computer work. The core program of any computer, it is designed to run all your programs and manage all your hardware and software. Other examples of operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. How does Ubuntu compare with Windows? Ubuntu is faster, has buil...

Route This Suggestion.

Being a modern and ever-expanding society most households, which ten years ago had one very expensive "family computer" in a central location, now have many low-cost laptops and desktops strewn throughout the home. That central computer is most likely still there, right next to the cable modem providing the internet. But now with little Susie and Jimmy each having laptops upstairs far away from the modem its time to provide them with the internet they so desperately crave.

There are...

Windows Rot

During the normal lifespan of a computer you can expect to install, then probably uninstall, dozens of programs, hundreds of Windows updates, and who knows how many registry edits. After all of this is done your computer is significantly different from when it was fresh out of the box. All of these changes affect the formula of how Microsoft intended Windows to operate, and often not for the better. This process is called Windows rot, which is simply the process of a Windows computer slowing dow...

No.1 Virus Problem

One of the main issues we see at Armor are computer viruses. A seemingly benign link or email attachment quickly turns into a havoc-wreaking software monstrosity and next thing you know you´re hauling your computer down to us to get fixed! Often when someone brings in a virus ridden computer we will ask, "Well, how did you get it?" with two answers usually resulting. Either it was, "a kids friend who did it" or they have no idea. The first explanation has little recours...


Sign up for Armor Deals by texting ARMOR to 36000. We will be putting out coupons for deals on repair and on parts and cables. Next week we will be putting out an Armor Deal for $12.00, 10ft HDMI Cables!!!! Sign up now!!!

Game Console Repair

Armor Technologies is a full-range game console repair shop. What makes our repair services so special? We offer all game console repairs from Red Ring of Death XBOX fixes to PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray drive replacements. Imagine that you’re finally off work and you just want to go home, eat a sandwich, and play some XBOX. But when you turn it on, it just blinks red. This can be something as small as a disc error to something as major as a motherboard overheating.

The game console has become...

How the Digitizer / Touch Screen Works

There are two layers of glass for the digitizer assembly. The first is simply glass, which is what you touch. The second is attached to the glass and senses the touch via an electrical field which transmits and receives based on the "return" from your finger or stylus. The digitizer and LCD work independently from one another. So if one fails, it won’t necessarily cause the other part to fail. With cracked glass, you can see the content on your screen, but there is broken glass w...

Looking for the right web developer?

Looking for the right web developer? Do you feel like a fish out of water? A website is one of the most important marketing tools that a company can have. Not only can it be used as a marketing tool, it can become useful for project management, tracking customers and employees, online accounting, and turned into any customized software application for business intelligence. Ultimately, it can be a company asset.
When looking for a web designer, you should be looking for a team of people that co...

The Word Press Myth

Word Press is an out of the box blogging Content Management System (CMS) that anyone can install into their website. There are thousands of sites that run on it. Does that mean it is something you should use? Does it add value to your company? Is it a cheap alternative to hiring a real web developer? The answers are all NO. Word Press’s flexible framework that can be downloaded from their website is bloated with code and runs a little slow, but it is free. However, the majority of people t...

Mobile Responsive Web Designs

Welcome to Armor Technologies Tech and Repair Shop and our new Responsive Web Site Design. Responsive Web Design (RWD) essentially indicates that a website is designed to use CSS3 media queries. These are extensions of the @media rule. This allows a fluid transition into a mobile website. If you decrease the width of this site you will see that it transitions to a viewable mobile site. As a result, users across a broad range of devices and browsers will have access to a single source of content,...

Is your web site working for you?

When your website was designed, it probably did the bare minimum of what a website can do. We recommend re-visiting the functionality of your website every 3 months. When you work with a web developer, you will find there are maintenance packages for websites, which are created to keep you on a budget while increasing the functionality of your site. There are a few rules for websites, and here they are:

The content needs to change in order for you to maintain a higher page ranking in the s...

Is your slow computer worth keeping? Yes!

Your computer as a word processor, internet browser, and multifunctional tool is still worth keeping, it may just need a little optimization. Here at Armor Technologies Tech and Repair Shop we can take your old system that may just have problems such as not enough hard drive space, left over programs and bad files, data corruption, missing windows updated and outdated drivers, thermal issues, corrupt Operating System, bad hardware, not enough RAM, or a multitude of other issues that may be upset...

We Can Recover I.T.

If you believe your hard drive is failing or you accidentally deleted data you need, turn your computer off and bring it to a professional. Continued use of the computer risks damage to the hard drive during failure or risks writing over the locations where your lost data may be. Here at Armor, we will inspect your hard drives, flash drives, and other removable media for data recovery. We can and will recover and rebuild data and transfer that to a new drive or disks.

We can backup your data,...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can work for you!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural", or un-paid, search results. This is referred to as organic search results. The more the site appears in the search engine the higher its page ranking.  SEO is not only for text, it is also for images and video.    As an internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search t...

Want Protection from Viruses?

We have been recommending Avira anti-virus for years now. Avira has a good free-for-home-use version that can help protect you from the regular Trojans or Root-kit Viruses that try to get you to buy something to remove them. They also have an excellent subscription version that is only $29.95 a year! This year, in June of 2012, Avira was rated Number 1 in Consumer Reports as the best anti-virus software out there.

Avira is using their combination of algorithms for signature-based detection, h...

New products in store and online!

Armor Technologies has recently expanded the number of products we have available to our customers!

In store:

We have more products available in the store and have also added an online shopping cart! Some of the products we have available to you in the store: laptop coolers, RAM, Asus DVD drives, Acer 22in and 24in LCD monitors, Linksys wireless N routers, computer cases, power supplies, keyboards, flash drives, webcams, hard drives and more. We also try to have technician certified refurb...

LINE-X Dominator and Armor Laptop Raffle

The DOMINATOR, a tornado intercept vehicle is coming to town. LineX of Greater Illinois is hosting an event at DeKalb Sycamore Chevrolet Cadillac GMC where you can see the Line-X coated storm chasing vehicle first hand.Armor Technologies will be at the event to raffle off a brand new Lenovo ThinkPad.
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E430 3254-AEU Notebook PC - 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2450M 2.5GHz, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, DVDRW, 14" Display, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Matte Black...

Want to learn how to use a Server? Buy a refurb cheap!

Here at Snare we not only repair and refurbish desktops and laptops but we also build new servers and refurbish old ones. It is always good to have an extra server to test new systems you have developed and whether you are a professional or learning the basics about servers, you can find what you need in our shop.

If you would like to build your own server we have the supplies you need. Stop in our shop to see our selection of screws, cables, switches, KVMs, power supplies, racks, rails, and...

FBI Moneypak Virus - We can remove it!

Believe it or not, hackers are becoming even more and more inventive every day. Now security researchers warn users about a new deceitful attacker called FBI Moneypak. This virus extended from a group of Estonians that the FBI has stopped. However, the virus has still infected some servers that are using websites to spread the virus. This time online criminals have created an even more sophisticated intruder to trick you into wasting your money. This malicious creation wants to mislead you into ...

University City Barber Shop, DeKalb IL

Armor Technologies has had the privilege of creating a website and designing the branding for another great business. We have implemented a newer version of our Content Management System (CMS) on this site that is built around the current Search Engine Optimization practices.

In the design of this website, we have incorporated all of the key components of a classic barber shop and given it a clean and simple look. We used a sharp typography with the traditional colors of a barber shop, blue a...

Whats not to love about the new iPhone 5?

What's not to love about the new iPhone 5? For those of you who have been awaiting its launch be not afraid for it is out! Some of the new and outstanding features about this new device include a larger 4-inch Retina display, an 8MP rear camera that is able to record HD video at 1080P at a constant 30FPS!, and last but certainly not least Apple's new A6 chip. I per-ordered my 64GB iPhone three weeks ago once I heard that Apple was accepting pre-orders but little did I know I would not re...

Rochelle Chamber of Commerce and Business Development

Here it is - The new Rochelle Area Chamber of Commerce and Business Development Web Site. This design is running our latest Content Management System (CMS). They have a sharp gallery system, a banner ad module that tracks statistics, a hosting panel that monitors the site, a Search Engine Optimized profile, and a lot more. The site is ready to allow the Rochelle Chamber to easily continue to update their site. To learn more about RACC visit

According to articles of incorp...

New Name, same Techs, tougher I.T. Service

Snare Systems, over the years, has developed into a wide range of IT solutions for business and home users. Therefore, we have grown into Armor Technologies. We have two main divisions of our company. The first is the Tech & Repair Shop side of Armor. Here in DeKalb and Rochelle we fix computers, cell phones, game consoles, networks, build servers, perform onsite repairs and businesses and house calls for people at home. The second part of our company, Marketing and Design, designs and devel...

We have refurbished laptops, desktops, and more!

We have awesome refurbished laptops. Dell, Alienware, Asus Republic of Gamers, HP and more!

Get yourself a nice refurbished laptop to get your work done. A refurbished laptop is less than half the price of a new one. If you lose or break a refurb you are only out the cost of that computer. If you lose or break a new one, you may be out more money. Here at Armor, we refurbish computers and give our customers a 30-day warranty on all of the computers we sell.

Why buy from us? Well, you can g...


Do you search for services on your cell phone or tablet?  If you are reading this you do.  At the Armor Marketing at Design Company, we perform internet marketing tasks such as mobile responsive web design for our clients and act as an outsourced IT department for other marketing companies. 


It is a well-designed site that used CSS3 media queries and smart frameworks to reshape the website with the same content it would have on a desktop ...

The End of XP or is IT?

As most of us know Windows XP will stop support on April 8th, 2014.  This operating system had a good 14-year run and will still keep going until some systems finally suffer from hardware failure.  Do you need a new computer now? Probably not.  Here is a list of questions with answers that should fit your needs.

Do I need to update to Windows 7?  If your computer is at least a dual-core processor and has 4GB of RAM then you should.  Your computer can handle it and...

Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug is an exploit, on servers, that can be used to get random chunks of data to return from a server.  Most servers have all passwords encrypted, such as banks, social network sites, web hosting companies, and a wide range of security companies.  The odds that the small amount of hackers that used this exploit were able to get your information are as good as you winning the lottery. 

Here at Armor Technologies, we are responsible for Secure Hosting System, the we...

Armor Technologies Going Green - E Waste Recycling

Armor Technologies is working to make DeKalb Greener. All E-waste is collected at the Main Office of Armor at 143 E Lincoln Hwy DeKalb IL 60115

Armor Experience - Gallery of Photos

Armor Professionals, Armor Shop in Dekalb, Armor Shop in Rochelle, Custom Computers, Web Design, and more.

Contact Armor Technologies - Serving DeKalb, Sycamore, & Rochelle, IL

At Armor Technologies, we fix IT in DeKalb, Sycamore and Rochelle, IL. Armor's Internet Marketing department gets your business seen! Visit our main location in Downtown DeKalb, IL, or contact us by phone at 815-754-0505.

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Armor Remote Support

Need help without leaving the house?

We offer remote help for any kinds of issues including your computer running slow, virus removal, popups, warning messages, blue screens of death, and any other issues you may be facing.

Call 815-754-0505 ext 112

Ready for remote support? Click here to download.

Once you have called, we will guide you through these 6 easy steps:

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Bitcoin to Bacon | Armor Technologies

Ever wondered how much bacon you could get for your bitcoin? Armor Technologies has taken the guesswork out of it for you! Contact us today to learn more!

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Computer Repair - System Optimization, Virus Removal, Screen Repair

Computer running slow? Need a screen repair? Armor Technologies offers fair prices for computer diagnostic, repair, memory upgrade, operating system install, virus removal, screen repair, and more. See our list of computer repair services here!

Data Recovery in Dekalb, IL - We Get Your Lost Data Back

Computer crash leaving you without your valuable data? Armor Technologies data recovery can recover lost and corrupted data in all hard drives and solid state media.

Video Game and Console Repair in DeKalb, IL

Armor Technologies services all major game console systems and most retro consoles. Whether you have an original NES, a PSP, or an XBOX One, we will repair ANY gaming console.

Sony Game Console Repair - PSP, Playstation, PS2, PS3, and PS4

Armor Technologies will perform a diagnostic and repair your Sony PlayStation, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PSP game console.

Microsoft Game Console Repair - Xbox, Xbox One and Xbox 360

We will perform a diagnostic and repair your Microsoft game console including Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox 360

Nintendo Game System Repair - Wii, Wii U, DS, DSi, DS lite

Armor Technologies will run a diagnostic and fix your Nintendo Wii, GameCube, DS or 3DS.

Tablet, Cell Phone, and Mobile Device Repair in DeKalb, IL

Armor Technologies services all major cell phone models - whether an iPad, iPod, iPhone, HTC, Tablet or any other Mobile Device - we fix I.T.

Apple iOS System Repair - iPod, iPod touch, iPad, & iPhone

Armor Technologies can repair your Apple iOS device including iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Please call or stop in and we will diagnose it for you!

Motorola Mobile Repair - Atrix HD, Droid Razr Maxx, Droid 4, Photon 4G

Armor Technologies can fix your Motorola devices. We specialize in screen repair for the the Atrix HD, Razr Maxx, Droid 4 and Photon 4G, and more!

Samsung Mobile Device Repair - Galaxy S's, Nexus, and Note

Armor Technologies can repair your Samsung mobile device. We specialize in Screen Repair for all of the Galaxy S's, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note.

HTC Android Mobile Device Repair - One X, S, Evo, and more

Armor Technologies can fix your HTC Android Mobile Device. We specialize in Screen Repair for the One S, One X, One V, Evo 4G LTE, and Droid Incredible.

Armor's Web Development and Graphic Design Studio

Whatever your business needs, we will help! Website design, SEO, graphic design, and more. We do it all and make it easy for you with our custom content management system.

Branding, Print Graphic & Logo Design - Web, Brochures, Business Cards

Armor Technologies can make the idea of your creative brand a reality. Through logo design, website design, custom business cards and more, Armor inspires confidence in your brand by establishing credibility.

Armor Managed Services - We are your Local Outsourced IT Department

Armor Technologies is your Local Outsourced IT and Internet Marketing Department. Armor IT is Flexible, Stable, and offers 24x7 support for most services. Let Armor be your IT!

Reviews - Armor Technologies - Computer and Phone Repair Great Reviews

The Team at Armor Technologies would like to thank our wonderful customers who have been with us over the past 14+ years. Read our reviews today!

Social Networking Media - Facebook, Twitter, Google, Online Marketing

Armor Technologies gets you seen! Social media networking is of high importance in marketing today. Armor creates internet credibility for your company through Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Armor Technologies Website & Graphic Design Services - Our Clients

Armor Technologies provides our clients with outstanding web design, graphic design and developer services. Find out how we can get your business seen!

Armor’s Policies - Privay, Data Security, Product Return, Shipping

Armor Technologies abides by clear policies for privacy, data security, shipping and product return. If you have any questions on our policies, look here!

LG Mobile Device Repair - G5, G4, Nexus 4, Optimus G

Armor Technologies can fix your LG device. We specialize in Screen Repair for the G5, G4, Nexus 4, and Optimus G.

Profile | Ryan Miranda - Lead UI Developer

Biography: Ryan was born and raised in Oregon, Illinois. He built his first gaming computer from parts he bought with a summer job at nine years old and has been hooked on the tech world ever since. He's an NIU graduate with a BS in Computer Science with minors in marketing and business administration, and he is passionate about front-end development, competitive gaming, and animals of all varieties. When he isn't in front of a computer honing his skills, he's spending time with his fiance and h...

Profile | Marin Sinclair - Media Marketing Manager

Biography: Marin moved to Batavia, IL as a child after a brief stint in Melbourne, Australia with her family. She attended school in the area until she decided to enroll at Northern Illinois University. Upon arriving at NIU and (finally) settling on a major, she became an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America where she discovered her passion for all things marketing. Aside from her professional life, Marin's ultimate goal is to move further out West with her son and ow...

Profile | Michael Howell - Field Technician

Biography: Michael grew up in Aurora, Illinois, showing a keen interest in technology at a young age. By the age of 12, he was a system operator of his own dial-up Bulletin Board System. After high school, he attended DeVry University, studying Network Systems Administration. During college, he worked data entry at a large bank and moved his way up the ranks to become an Account Representative. His last job was a Network Administrator at a paper warehouse before coming to Armor Technologies. Thr...

Profile | Miles Eggleston - Senior Mobile Repair Technician

Biography: Miles has lived in the DeKalb and Rochelle area most of his life. He graduated from DeKalb High School and attended ITT Tech. He started working on electronic devices when he was a kid fixing controllers and video game consoles, and he hasn't stopped since!

Education: Attended ITT Tech

Hobbies: Video Games, Fantasy Football

Favorite Sci-fi Movie(s): Star Wars: Episode V—The Empire Strikes Back

Profile | Nathan Schaefer - Repair Technician

Biography: Nathan grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. After a time in the Navy working on electronics he has had experience in many careers including quality assurance, logistics, manufacturing, and maintenance. He wants to branch into Network Administration and Security Analysis. He believes that communication and technology are the keys for global sustainability.

Education: A.A.S. Electronics Technology SIU, A.A.S. Network Administration Kishwaukee College, Attended NIU

Hobbies: Phi...

Profile | David Galica - Owner of Armor Technologies

Biography: David grew up in Harvey, Illinois, taking a wide array of art classes and dismantling unattended electronic devices. He attended Northern Illinois University, studying Electrical Engineering and Physics. While at NIU, David was an active member of the Robotics Club, Fencing Club, IEEE, ASE, and the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society. It was during his time at NIU that David started a tech repair shop in downtown DeKalb that has grown and expanded over the past 14 yea...

Profile | Stephen Kennedy - Lead Web Developer

Biography: Stephen grew up throughout the Midwest. He attended University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas and has been programming ridiculous experiments since a young age. He had the honor of creating The Worst Calculator, which is available for free on Google Play.

Education: Attended University of The Ozarks

Hobbies: Creating JavaScript powered text adventures and parsers, Video Games, Tabletop Games, and building PHP data crawlers

Favorite Sci-fi Movie(s): Hackers...

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A Short Guide To Password Security

All of the online security in the world can be useless if it depends on a weak password. Statistically speaking 95% of users use an insecure or repeated password that puts them at much greater risk for breach of data.

In 2015 2 in 5 people had their information compromised

To help you from becoming another statistic in the news, we’ve put together a few tips on creating strong and unique passwords, as well as how to keep them secure.

1. Do not use any easily identifiable...

Clear Text Login Discontinued

On Monday October 2nd at 6:00pm we will be changing the password transmission policies of our server.

Up until this point we have permitted cleartext logins and logins with older encryption protocols, while adding support and recommending newer more secure protocols. We did this to ensure support for older and non-standard email and ftp clients, as well as web browsers.

In light of recent events, locally, nationally, and globally, we feel it would be irresponsible to continue to take...