Clear Text Login Discontinued

On Monday October 2nd at 6:00pm we will be changing the password transmission policies of our server.

Up until this point we have permitted cleartext logins and logins with older encryption protocols, while adding support and recommending newer more secure protocols. We did this to ensure support for older and non-standard email and ftp clients, as well as web browsers.

In light of recent events, locally, nationally, and globally, we feel it would be irresponsible to continue to take...
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A Short Guide To Password Security

All of the online security in the world can be useless if it depends on a weak password. Statistically speaking 95% of users use an insecure or repeated password that puts them at much greater risk for breach of data.

In 2015 2 in 5 people had their information compromised

To help you from becoming another statistic in the news, we’ve put together a few tips on creating strong and unique passwords, as well as how to keep them secure.

1. Do not use any easily identifiable...
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Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

The internet has opened up a lot of things to our world: Cat videos, forum trolls, and digital marketing. estimates that consumers are 75% of the way to making their decision to buy your brand BEFORE they ever visit your store or see a sales rep. Thus, it’s critical to address all their issues on your website and use influence strategies effectively throughout the site.1

Allow me to introduce you to the most misused and misunderstood word in all of sales and marketing: FU...
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5G: The Future is now (kind of)!

Mobile networks constantly innovate. In the 1980s, when wireless technology began to go mainstream, the 1G analog networks supported the bulky, brick-like mobile phones from that era. The 90s saw the introduction of 2G digital networks, when Code Division Multiple Access moved mobile phones beyond voice transmission into data and text messaging. Around 2001, third generation (3G) devices appeared, first in Japan, and then in the US, offering the high-speed data transfer and Internet connection u...
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Process Improvement with 5s and Armor

A successful business can still be unprofitable. When a company has implemented and institutionalized a system of waste as part of its business model, then external productivity may not be enough to keep it growing. 5S is a commonly used tool for organizing workplaces, improving efficiency and productivity, originally developed in Japan, 5S has been a tool for remolding businesses for years. The system was designed to ensure that a company’s internal organization, cleanliness, and workflow...
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Creating a High-Tech Home Office for Your Ecommerce Business

Starting an e-commerce business takes drive, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. But these qualities can only get you so far. You need a workspace that’s optimized for productivity, with tech that meets your demands and helps you efficiently serve your customers.

A focus on productivity is especially important if you’re setting up shop in your living space, where it’s hard to draw the lines between personal and business-related tasks. Here are some efficient tips from...
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Home Automation and the Apps That Make It Possible

Home Automation and the Apps That Make It Possible

By Stephanie Sylvester

How smart is your home? At ArmorTechs we believe in building or remodeling to achieve a home with great efficiency so that homeowners can save money, feel secure in their homes, and enjoy all of the comfort and convenience that modern technology offers. Here are some of the best home automation app combinations available.


One day last month, I was playing at the park with my daughter when I realized that m...
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or The Importance of Framing

Composition is one of the most important aspects of film, and it is one of the easiest for beginners to overlook. Have you ever seen someone doing that thing where they frame a shot using their hands? It may look silly, but what they're doing is an important step in production. The framing of a shot has a subconscious effect on audience, and this can be used to elicit a specific response.

One of the key aspects of framing is the “Ru...
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Creative Content Counts

If you manage a business today you’ll know that the world has changed dramatically. Advertising has become a rapidly evolving and dynamic market with only the most original and interesting content delivering a return on investment.   

In the past decade, the internet has transformed how consumers purchase. In a bygone era, if a potential customer wanted more information about your business the mere presence of advertising would be able to engage them sufficiently. Today, a cus...
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Technically Creative

Armor Technologies was founded 12 years ago in the City of DeKalb as Snare Systems. A repair shop in its earliest days, Armor, under its former name Snare Systems, quickly began to expand the range of the services it offered. Armor has evolved over the years with amazing adaptability to become the multi-faceted operation that it is today.

Today Armor has fused creative talent with technical expertise. Armor has moved from simple repairs to offering dozens of I.T. services. Our development tea...
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