Web Design Questionairre

Please complete and return this questionnaire. Your responses will help us determine the direction of your website that is based on your vision and requirements.

Contact Info
Domains & Hosting

If you already own a domain name, what is the name of it? Please also list who is currently hosting your account, their contact information, and your account information.

Additional Client Information

We want to make sure that your website represents your company well. Please provide us with any additional information you may have via email including: a history/bio of your company, pictures, tips/advice for your customers, any customer testimonials you may have and a list of services (Please be sure to provide detailed descriptions of how they are provided.)

Also, please include any other information that you feel is vital to your website/business/industry that may not have been covered in the questionnaire.

Pictures are very important to a website! Please provide us with as many pictures of your business as you can. The easiest way to provide us with the images is to either save them to a USB flash drive or burn them to a CD. Another option is to email them to us, but emailing images can present issues because of large files and/or a large number of images.

Types of images to include: pictures of the employees in action, the building inside and out, the owner, products/services you may provide, service vehicles you may use.